GAIN is a network of independent freight forwarders companies with associate members from all parts of the globe, the organization aims for a strong alliance that would be reliable and able to consistently deliver excellent global services.

Established in November 1999 when eight freight forwarders from Asia meet in Hong Kong. In this first meeting was decided to develop a network of freight forwarders and the group was called APAG  (Asia Pacific Alliance Group).

In 2000 the membership were extended outside the Asia Pacific region and forwarders from Europe and USA join the group.

In our last meeting Barcelona 2004, the group was extending to the Africa and South America regions with new members in these areas join the alliance.

Then the Group changes the name to GAIN  Global Alliance Integrated Network and the Company was based in Sri Lanka. These independent companies continue to work together with a continuous grown to its membership, year after year, increasing the GAIN group presence in all markets.